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We are hands on at A World of Friends

At A World of Friends School (AWOFS), we truly believe that a hands-on environment is crucial to a child's development. Through a diverse and well-rounded schedule of activities, we achieve that every single day.
You and your child are guaranteed to enjoy our games, crafts and lessons we plan for the day. AWOFS was founded on the principle that we are more than just a school. At AWOFS we strive to help your children acquire important skills that will help them throughout their lives. We will help your child to develop cognitively, socially and emotionally while in our care.

AWOFS is an all inclusive center.
Come and see us at:
4701 Hazelwood Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21206
Call Us: 443-835-0738 or
A World of Friends is a 
Level 4
 in Maryland Excels!!! We are continuing to push our way to the top...Level 5 here we come!!!

A World of Friends has also received all the achievements in Maryland Excels
*Asthma Friendly
*Health & Wellness
*Cultural & Linguistic Competency



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